Patch for CVE-2022-42889
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Patch for CVE-2022-42889


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iDash Workload Automation for CA 7


Need information Regarding CVE-2022-42889.. 

Is ok to patch with Commons Text – Download Apache Commons Text or will there be an official broadcom Patch?



Release : 12.1.02


Regarding your question about CVE-2022-42889 and iDash Workload Automation, we have published an MSD Security Advisory with information about this vulnerability.

We will continue updating the advisory as our investigation progresses, and will provide information such as list of any vulnerable products, list of non-affected products, published security fixes (if applicable) etc.

We advise you to visit this security advisory page regularly to check if there is any update. At this time no version of iDash Workload Automation is affected by the vulnerability.