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Can't delete Queries because they are linked to a group or Policy


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager


We have a number of queries that cannot be deleted because ITCM says they are linked to either a Policy or dynamic group.

But we can't find any groups or policies where these queries are referenced


Is there a way to find where these queries are linked?


Release : 14.5.CU2


Here is what is needed:


A query could be set in the prerequisites tab of an SD Procedure

The following SQL Query could be used to find which SD Package/Procedure has a linked Query:

select r.itemname, r.itemversion, p.itemname from usd_actproc p, usd_rsw r where query =  (select query_uuid from ca_query_def where label ='TEST') and p.rsw=r.objectid
In the above  TEST is used for the example purpose. 
If you remove the query in the procedure prerequisites tab, you should be able to delete the query

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