CA7 Web client Tomcat upgrade instruction
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CA7 Web client Tomcat upgrade instruction


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CA 7 Workload Automation


  Can the with Web Client Tomcat version be upgraded?


Release : 12.1


Yes, need to follow the upgrade instruction below.


Apache-Tomcat Upgrade Instructions For Web Client

Apache-Tomcat puts out periodic upgrades for known vulnerabilities. The instructions below
describe how to upgrade your current Web Client release to use the latest Apache-Tomcat
release, without having to re-install the Web Client.
Note – you will need to open a case with CA 7 level 1 support to get the most current
ca7weclient.uss.tomcat.x.x.xx.tar file (where the x’s represent the version)

1. Ensure PTF LUxxxxx is installed. This contains SAMPJCL member AL2QZFSB. This JCL
stream creates a new zFs filesystem and mountpoint for the new Apache-Tomcat
2. Modify AL2QZFSB zFs filesystem name and mountpoint for your site. Note the mmyy
variable denotes the month and year you did the Apache update and NOT the Apache-
Tomcat release.
3. Submit the AL2QZFSB job. Note all steps should complete with RC=0.
4. Download the most current ca7webclient.uss.tomcat.x.x.xx.tar file from your upgrade
ticket to your PC
5. FTP the ca7webclient.uss.tomcat.x.x.xx.tar to the directory created in the AL2QZFSB job
6. Unpax the file: pax –rvf ca7webclient.uss.tomcat.x.x.xx.tar. You should see three files
a. ./
b. ./license.txt
c. ./

Apache-Tomcat Upgrade
1. Shutdown the CA 7 Web Client
2. Get into OMVS and change the directory to where you downloaded the
ca7webclient.uss.tomcat.x.x.xx.tar file (e.g. the directory created in the AL2QZFSB job)
3. Enter java –version. You should see information showing the Java release you are
running. If you do not see Java version information returned you will need to set your Java
PATH and HOME directory (shown below) and re-issue the java –version command
        a. export PATH=/sys/java64bt/v8r0m0/usr/lpp/java/J8.0_64/bin:$PATH
        b. export JAVA_HOME=/sys/java64bt/v8r0m0/usr/lpp/java/J8.0_64
4. Enter ./ to upgrade Apache-Tomcat.
        a. When prompted for the existing install directory enter the directory name where you
            currently have the Web Client installed. For example, the default install location is
            /u/users/cai/ca7webclient/install. Note it does NOT include the Apache-Tomcat sub-
         b. The script will download the new Apache-Tomcat and copy the
             necessary items from the existing install directory to the new directory.
5. Update your CA 7 Web Client job to point CATALINA_HOME to the new directory/Apache-
Tomcat release.
6. Start the CA 7 Web Client.