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Importing EEM policies to a new Autosys instance


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CA Workload Automation AE


I want to import as-group policies from my "RLS" instance to my new "QAX" Instance. 
I exported the file and I see the folders in the xml file look like this: 

 <Policy folder="/WorkloadAutomationAE_RLS" name="BS Group Policy">

Would I need to do a search/replace on the xml file to replace RLS with QAX?   
Or does it matter?


Autosys 12.X


This is not officially supported.
The reason being is that it requires a manual process to update the XML which could easily cause problems that would be very hard to diagnose or resolve.

You should in theory be able to do a search and replace the 3 Character instances in the file.
However, this should be done one entry at a time.
Doing a mass search and replace might catch something else in the file that is unintended and as such cause a problem.

Due to the unique nature of policy and instance information, there is no way for support to test this or to provide any type of validation or troubleshooting should it fail.