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UIM sqlserver probe Connection setup - difference between Windows authentication and SQL server authentication.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a setup for monitoring AAG SQL servers.  The test results show that if the Connection is set for "SQL server authentication" we get AAG alerts.  However, if the Connection is set for "Windows authentication", we did not get any AAG alerts.  The DBA believes either way should have the same results.  Can you please let us know why the results are different?


Release: 20.3


 sql_server.cfg the parameter-> "is_AlwaysOn" is blank, so just set it to "1"

  1. Open and edit sqlserver_monitor.cfg
  2. Search for "is_AlwaysOn"
  3. Update ("is_AlwaysOn = 1") with value 1 in all places.
  4. Restart the probe