SOAP call is failing with two way SSL client side authentication
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SOAP call is failing with two way SSL client side authentication


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CA Identity Suite


We need to communicate with 3rd party system and imported certs. We are receiving the test has failed to run with following error: "Failed running web service " which was caused by "Could not send Message.;HTTP response '403: Forbidden' when communicating with target system.


Release : 14.4


As there is a conflict with the nim war file, We had to follow these steps to remove ca-nim.war and backup files that are being modified.


1. From iam_im.ear/META-INF/application.xml, comment out:


<!--module id="CA_NIM_SM">


2. Inside iam_im.ear/META-INF/jboss-deployment-structure.xml

a. Comment out 

<!--module name="" slot="main" export="true"/-->

b. Remove sub-deployment ca-nim-sm.war.


3. Move out the iam_im.ear/ca-nim-sm.war to OUTSIDE JBoss.

4. Finally, remove nim folder from modules/com/ca/iam to OUTSIDE Jboss.


Remove standalone/tmp folder to avoid older compiled artifacts, restart JBoss, and test your PX call from IdentityManager.


The ca-nim.war maybe interfering with JAX-WS runtime implementation and is recommended to be removed from the iam_im.ear.