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Change HRefresh to deploy package contents


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


I need your support in making a change to HRefresh so that it only deploys content of the package. Currently the entire data view is deployed to the destination server.


Release : 14.0


To understand everything about HRefresh, the place to start is with this chapter in the documentation:

I also have two helpful hints I use when dealing with the hrefresh.cfg file

1. I add a comment to the file containing the headers for the columns, like this:
   #Project,State,Check-out process name,View path,Remote agent host path,Reference directory type [“Full | Active”],Remote agent computer name or IP address,Remote agent port number ,File name containing the username/password of CA Harvest SCM user (for -eh),File name containing the username/password of Agent user (for -er),(Optional) Pre-check-out command definitions,(Optional) Post-check-out command definitions

2. I open it as a comma-delimited file in Microsoft Excel.  It is easer to read when the fields are separated out.

Looking in the column "Reference Directory Type" I am seeing you have selected "Full".  What this means is that HRefresh will manage the synchronization of the source versions based on the latest versions of all items in a particular working view, or all versions in a snapshot view.

If we switch this setting to "Active", this means that HRrefresh will manage the synchronization of the source versions based on package promotion and demotion. Your inventory is active items only.