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View - Metrics Activity log and Stopping View from Collecting a Report


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1) I am looking for the activity log. 

    If an end-user deletes some reports from disk (through the DD command) from the VIEW panels, is there a way to look at those activity logs ?

2) If a sysout is in process of collecting to a View database from the JES spool, and we would like to purge it during that time (from the spool), is there a way to accomplish that?


Release : 14.0


The activity log, showing those View users who are deleting reports (not only from disk but also from tape), is found in the View Metrics Delete Report.

Here is a link to a knowledge article regarding the use of View Metrics and the related SMF records:

For a report that is on the JES queue that you want to stop collecting in View:

 . The only way to stop View from collecting the report is by doing a "cancel" on the related SARSTC task (/C sarstc). 

 . Once SARSTC has stopped, then you can take the report and place it in a held status, for purging. 

 . If you try to place the report in a held status, while View is collecting, this message will be received:

  GSV3779W Cannot delete output on device SAPI

With that, the only way to stop report collection in View is to cancel the related SARSTC task.