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Sending Syslogs servers to a NMS


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Are there instructions on how to send syslogs from the appliances and virtual appliances to an NMS like splunk?


  1. Access the Admin API.

  2. Download the default rsyslog config file (05-custom.conf):
    -  Navigate to Service > GET /service/{service_name}/file/.
    -  Click Try it out.
    -  In the service_name field, enter rsyslog.
    -  Click Execute.
    -  Click the ‘Download file’ link. The 05-custom.conf file is downloaded to your computer.

  3. Update the config file:
    -  To stream system log content via UDP to port 514 on a server at, add the following line to the end of the 05-custom.conf config file:
    In the example below, we'll use an IP address:

  4. Upload the updated 05-custom.conf file to the Monitoring Point:
    -  Navigate to Service > POST /service/{service_name}/file/.
    -  Click Try it out.
    -  Set the restart_services field to "true".
    In the config_file field, use Choose File to select the 05-custom.conf file.
    In the service_name field, enter rsyslog.
    Click Execute. System log content will stream to the specified remote server.