Forcing Client to Register to Task Server Over HTTP or HTTPS
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Forcing Client to Register to Task Server Over HTTP or HTTPS


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While reviewing your endpoints, you may notice that the Task Server shows registered over HTTPS.  This can be confusing because you have not configured HTTPS communication in your environment.  

Agent settings show that the endpoint is communicating over HTTP:


Release: 8.6


The Symantec Management Agent Communication profile is configured to allow both HTTP and HTTPS.  There is no Task Server Communication profile and therefore, the registration is connecting over HTTPS.


A quick fix would be to delete the binding on the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) server, in IIS, for 443.  That will then force the agents to use HTTP to register for task services.  However, that might not be the most desirable approach.

You can create a Task Server Communication Profile for your site server(s), and when doing so, select only HTTP.  Or if the reverse behavior is desired, HTTPS.  Now after some time, the endpoints assigned to those site servers, will pick up this setting.  A reset agent task may be sent down to the endpoints to force this action.