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how close does DX Netops need to be upgraded after a CA Spectrum upgrade


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


We are planning a DX spectrum upgrade to 21.2.12 for sun 10/30. Our DX Netops instance is currently on 21.2.8. I understand there may be synchronization issues when different versions of DX Netops and DX Spectrum are running in the same environment but doing the upgrade of both products simultaneously will be too much for a single maintenance window.

Can we temporarily run DX Spectrum 21.2.12 with DX Netops 21.2.8 together for one week? Or do we need to do the DX Netops upgrade sooner?


Release : 21.2


Performance Management should always be upgraded first and then Spectrum. That being said upgrading Spectrum first from 21.28 to 21.2.12 and letting it run for a week should not be an issue given the releases.