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DC498113 Dialog reserved by another compiler - How to Find and Disconnect?


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We have an ADS/O dialog that is not able to be checked out in ADSC with this error message:

DC498113 Add invalid. Dialog name is reserved by another compiler.

How do I find what compiler this dialog is reserved by and how would I disconnect it?



Release : 19.0


There is a PROG-051 record in the dictionary that you are currently on in ADSC and this PROG-051 is not for a dialog.

To see this: 

- In IDD:

DIS PROGRAM program-name

-  In the display output, under DC OPTIONS section, it shows the LANGUAGE IS ...
*+               LANGUAGE IS COBOL
*+               PROGRAM          

For an ADS Dialog, this should be
*+               LANGUAGE IS ADSO 
*+               ADS DIALOG      

To resolve you can delete the program in IDD and recompile the dialog to correct it.