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Purge of Job Logs in remote physical node not working as expected


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The purge of Job Logs in the Remote Physical Execution Node is not correctly done - Job logs remain in the remote node for more than 1 days which is not normal ( in the Logical Queue node where jobs are Submitted, it works fine).
Please note that the Jobs are submitted from a Linux node with a Logical Queue that points to a remote AIX node with a Physical queue and LAN/CAL and other engines are not even started in the AIX node.
Retention for executions is set to 1 days for Completed Jobs.


Release : 6.x

OS: All

Context: Jobs submitted from Node A to a Logical Queue that points to a Physical Queue on Node B


Retention parameters need to be aligned between the two nodes ( the one where jobs are submitted - logical queue and the one where jobs are executed - physical queue).

The node setting related to purge of the Job Logs in area X (replace the X by the impacted area) is : X_O_PURGE_HST_RET_DEF

By detault, it's set to 7 days (007:00:00), so if you change the value to reduce it for example to 3 days, it will be only applied for the next running jobs.

On heavily loaded environments, we recommend to reduce this setting X_O_PURGE_HST_RET_DEF to 3 days: 003:00:00