Getting warning messages about: (AutoUnlock) source chain
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Getting warning messages about: (AutoUnlock) source chain


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IT Management Suite


The customer has noticed the following warning message right after having issues with his NSEs queue processing:

(AutoUnlock) source chain: timeout=72, [1: 0, N, lock=105020800 (195.74 KB), src=d93439b9-eb6a-4c6a-8510-e4260bbf6437, rounds=1.10 k, age=00:23:24, cid=14]
Date: 10/18/2022 7:05:17 PM, Tick Count: 1421875 (00:23:41.8750000), Size: 398 B
Process: AeXSvc (6080), Thread ID: 152, Module: Altiris.NS.dll
Priority: 2, Source: EventQueueDispatcher.OrderedQueueEntry


ITMS 8.6


These warning messages are a sign that NSE processing is quite slow to process messages in the referenced queue (estimated to be over 60 seconds for one NSE). Then, "chain of messages for this client machine" is unlocked to allow parallel processing of other NSEs from the same client, which are smaller and could be processed faster.

So, in general, if you see issues with slow NSE processing or a large amount of NSEs in the queue, it is expected to see this warning. 

To see a (potential) reason for such slowness, you need to collect and review more info:

  1. Full NS logs with verbose/trace ON and some Profiler session for ~5 minutes, so we can see the whole picture.
  2. Specs for the NS/SQL are good to know,
  3. as well, as the number of clients served by this NS.


Additional Information

"How to troubleshoot NSE processing issues" (KB 205352)