WP_MIN_NUMBER | WPs change automatically to DWP
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WP_MIN_NUMBER | WPs change automatically to DWP


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


  • We have defined 10 WPs in our environment - However, we only see 5 WPs whilst the remaining WPs are of type DWP - Causing high utilization of the WPs.
  • WP's are automatically changing from WP to DWP – We can see the below entry in the AE log files

             U00003389 Server 'AUTOMIC#WP012' has changed its mode from 'WP' to 'DWP'.


Release: 12.x 


Component: Automation Engine

Sub-Component: WP server process


WP_MIN_NUMBER setting in UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS Systemwide variable determines the minimum number of server processes per node name to be used as work processes (WP) next to the primary work process (PWP). Any additional running server processes are used as Dialog Processes (DWP).


Workaround :

Right-click on a DWP process from Administration perspective  -> Server Mode -> Change Server Mode to WP .


Update the WP_MIN_NUMBER setting in UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS Systemwide variable from client 0. ( as shown in the screenshot below).

  • Format: node name1=number;node name2=number  [incase of multi-node clusters separate the node names using ; ]

  • Allowed values for numbers: 2 up to the maximum number of work processes

  • Default value: 5

  • Restart required: No

Note: the nodenames are defined in the ucSrv.ini in the nodename= parameter - This should be distinct incase of a multi-node setup.

So in the given example - Each node will have 5 Server Processes with the type WP , Any additional running work processes on those nodes are then used as Dialog Processes (DWP).

Changes to the Variable do not require a restart.

However, in case you would want the update/change the nodename= parameter in your ucsrv.ini, then this requires a restart to take effect. 

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