1138 abend code in IDMS
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1138 abend code in IDMS


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Programs abending with an 1138 abend code.


Release : All supported releases.


An 1138 abend code means that IDMS was attempting to read a database page which it expected to be a space management page, but instead it was found to be a normal database page.

Typically this happens because of a non-existent or incorrect ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE clause in the physical area specification in the DMCL.


When an EXPAND PAGE operation has been performed, the definition of the area in question must be changed so that the PAGE SIZE is the new (larger) page size, and the old page size must be defined in the ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE clause. Example:

ALTER AREA segment-name.area-name
    PAGE SIZE new-page-size
    ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE old-page-size;

If this has not been done, normally what would happen is that CV will process transactions for a period of time. The fact that an EXPAND PAGE has been done means that IDMS would probably not have to access/update a space management page for some time. When it does, it will encounter the 1138 abend.

If the EXPAND PAGE was done correctly, the database is still OK and it should only be necessary to fix the area definition, re-compile and link the DMCL, and either refresh it or cycle the CV.

Note: Another common cause of an 1138 abend is that UNLOAD/RELOAD or REORG is being used to remove the need for the ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE clause, but that has not been done to the "live" run time DMCL. See CA IDMS Remove Original Page Size Clause in DMCL.

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