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Customer is not seeing response path data


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


We have a ticket from asking about response path data.

No seeing response paths on one Cisco router 

Response paths missing on Cisco router 


Release : 20.2


Paths not configured on the router 


We check OID for tests in the MIB. Reading the value we get:

   SnmpResponseVariable [oid=, type=INTEGER, value={35,35,35,35,35,35,35,35,35,35}, isDelta=false, isList=true, error=SUCCESS, isDynamicIndex=false, indexList=[100, 121, 131, 141, 184, 200, 221, 231, 241, 284]]

So the only test supported in the MIB is type 35. 

Cisco Jitter Precsion is type 20. 

So there are no testes configured in this MIB with the type of Cisco Jitter Precsion (Type 20) 

just a note we did not see any Vendor Certifications that do type 35

Even though our VC say supported, it only means the device can do those type of tests, but there are currently no tests with those 'rttMonCtrlAdminRttType' set.