MUX - Error is Missing When No Soft Booking Rights
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MUX - Error is Missing When No Soft Booking Rights


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When a Resource has OBS based Soft Booking rights, if they try to Soft Book a Resource to a Project from a different OBS, it doesn't allow them, but also doesn't give any error message.


1. Create a Resource. Ensure the Resource has the ability to view Projects and Resources. Assign them OBS rights for "Resource - Soft Book", and assign it to a specific OBS.
2. Log in as the Resource created. Open a Project, then go to "Staff" module.
3. Click "Add Staff" and "Resources".
4. Select one or more than one Resource in the list that do NOT belong in the OBS that the Resource has rights to. Click "Add".

Expected Results: 

The Resources should not be added, and an error should be received. In 16.0.2 the error "API-1007: You are not authorized to process request. Contact your system administrator for necessary security rights." Was seen when attempting to add a single Resource from a different OBS.

Actual Results:

The Resources are not added, but there's no error received.


Release : 16.0.3, 16.1.0


This is resolved in the upcoming release 16.1.1. This was originally tracked as DE67170.