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The local ssecls ICAP test program will not run on Linux when SCAN RESTRICTION is enabled in the Cloud Console


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Protection Engine for NAS


There is a setting “SCAN RESTRICTIONS” that can be toggled on and off in the Cloud Console which, when enabled, renders the local ssecls ICAP test program unable to run. 

Instead, if Scan Restrictions is enabled, when the program is executed, a file scan error is the only result. Something similar to the following result is returned:


Virus scan process began : Fri Oct 21 15:12:25 2022

Virus scan process completed : Fri Oct 21 15:12:25 2022

  Defs Version =

 Commandline Scanner =

         Total Bytes = 0 (Bytes 0.0000)

             Elapsed = 0.0070

           Scan Rate =  0.00 (Bytes/sec)

      Files Excluded = 0

       Files Scanned = 0

 Directories Scanned = 0

Directories Excluded = 0

       Files Skipped = 0

    Files Scan Error = 1

      Files Infected = 0

Data based metering parameters:

Data Scanned in bytes = -1 (NA)

Total files scanned = -1 (NA)


Release : 8.2.2


The Asset created prior to enabling Scan Restrictions does not contain the loopback address:

Explanation: Prior to enabling Scan Restrictions—it is necessary to create an Asset which contains one or more addresses that will be allowed to post scan requests to the SPE servers that are members of the Scanner Group.


Edit the Asset and add the loopback address: as one of the addresses that can post scan requests to the server because this is the address that the local ICAP test program posts to.