Deleting EAV disks; SYBFMT812E from HiDRO FORMAT
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Deleting EAV disks; SYBFMT812E from HiDRO FORMAT


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VM:Backup for z/VM


When deleting disks, VM:Secure invokes HiDRO Format. EAV disk was deleted but format appears to have failed.  

Disk was deleted.

HiDRO issued message:  SYBFMT812E EAV Unit 0100 (230000 cylinders) is too large for CMS use.  FORMAT aborted.


HiDRO 2.8


Clearly, the 230000 cylinder disk you deleted cannot be a CMS formatted disk (it's bigger than 65,520 cyls which is the largest a CMS formatted disk can be).

Check your VM:Secure FORMAT exit. The HIDRO FORMAT command formats a disk for CMS. There currently is no HIDRO FORMAT option for non-CMS disks ... an "UNDEFINED FORMAT" type.

In the case of these EAV disks greater than 65,520 cyls, you can specify to use the new IBM module HCPFER _vaddr_ to erase the disk space in your FORMAT exit.