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MUX Cost Plan in contrast to XOG issue - segment looks different in XOG output


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Create a Cost plan on a Project or CITs as below using any Grouping attribute(s).

Go to Cost Plan Detail and add a row for that grouping attribute. 

Add Total Cost number using the “Totals Cost” (DO NOT INPUT NUMBERS IN MONTHLY SEGMENTS). Only leverage the Total Cost field to spread the total numbers automatically over the months. See below, I entered 1,000,000 in the Total Cost and that got divided equally into the monthly segments.

XOG OUT the Cost plan using the standard input costplan_read.xml as below:

Here is the XOG OUT xml from above. Notice that the highlighted yellow Segment is coming out as one line instead of being broken monthly as per monthly fiscal period or Monthly Plan type.



Release : 16.0.3


When you enter a 'total amount' it is stored as a single segment and thus XOG extracts the single segment from the blob.  This is working as designed.

Instead of using XOG, leverage the REST API

For example:

?fields = actualCost,cost

Note that you can change the Period Type in your REST call just like the UI.

For example