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Endevor 19.0 - installation uss CSIQUSSM


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


Just Installed Endevor v19.0 and it completed successfully.  The VSAM/ZFS file which contains the Tomcat + WAR file does not seem to be part of the delivery.  Also, the VSAM file called CSIQUSSM that was delivered with 18.0 and 18.1  is missing.  How can the webservices feature for v19.0 be installed? 


Release : 19.0


The Base FMID CSIQJ00 now contains Endevor Web Services and the installation was adjusted so there are no prerequisites and no initial Web Services configuration is required.

So to install V19.0 web services, all that is needed is to customize the  CSIQJCL(WSTOMINS), then submit the job, V19.0 simplified the web service installation process.

For Endevor V19.0, there is no CISQUSSM. 

Please take a look at this link: