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DLP LiveUpdate Support Matrix


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


LiveUpdate is used to update the current DLP agent to a newer version of the agent via the LiveUpdate services. This eliminates the need to use other software delivery methods like SCCM to update the DLP agent.

LiveUpdate coverage was introduced incrementally over multiple versions of DLP. Below is the support matrix for LiveUpdate.


Release : 15.x, 16.x


DLP LiveUpdate Support Matrix

  Hotfix MP / RU Minor Versions Major Version
15.7 x      
15.8 x      
16 x x x x

Explained examples :

In 15.7 and 15.8 LiveUpdate can be used to get the agents up to the latest hotfix for the maintenance pack they are on. Meaning if the agent is on 15.8.0200 you can updated it to 15.8.0205. Updating to the latest maintenance pack (going from 15.8.0200 to 15.8.0300) is not supported until 16.0.

Agents will need to be on 16.0 before they will support being fully upgraded via LiveUpdate. Meaning you will not be able to use LiveUpdate to go from 15.8.0300 to 16.0 or 15.8.0300 to 16.0.0100 but you will be able to use LiveUpdate to go from 16.0 to 16.0.0100 (and future maintenance packs (MP) / release updates (RU) / full releases).

15.5 agents do not support LiveUpdate.

Additional Information

See: The user guide LiveUpdate for Data Loss Prevention