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Spectrum with Secure Domain Connector: VNA Sync causes duplicate model creation


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DX NetOps


We have migrated a spectrum environment to a new hardware environment.

We moved from direct polling to polling via a secure domain connector.

We have VNA sync active for viptela routers.

What we see now is, that SDWAN routers coming from VNA are duplicated.

1. The SDWAN routers were already modeled via SNMP in spectrum. We changed the secure domain attribute to point to the SDC.

2. We had to a full resync with  SDN manager and VNA. This resync pulled all the models again, but we DO NOT have an option to select a secure domain here. This results in spectrum modelling all the models directly again.

As some models are polable directly and via SDC, he now has duplicate models.

There is no consolidation happening, even after adding a Secure domain to the duplicates as well.

I've put the duplicates in maintenance. The duplicates contain the VNA Viptela specific info.



Release : 21.2


Distribution of VNA domains across SpectroSERVERs -or- SDCs is supported only with Aggregator VNA integration. Standalone VNA integration does not enable this option.

The customer has to configure Aggregator VNA and integrate to Spectrum, so that he can select userDomain and SS-SDC mapping. 

Aggregator VNA will only be one across VNA sites.  If only one SDC is used for Viptela environment (i.e. single private network), then existing VNA can be attached to aggregator VNA and go ahead with Spectrum-AggregatorVNA integration.  

In case of multiple private networks(or SDCs), seperate user domain(s) should be created per private network in existing VNA.