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Roadmap Timeline and Widgets not showing Cost and Benefit metrics


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


A roadmap has been created with Ideas and Projects from Clarity.

In the Grid, the Operating Cost and Benefit values are shown correctly.  The Total Cost column remains empty.

In the Timeline, NPV, Operating Cost and Benefit have been selected as metrics.  The metrics are shown correctly for individual roadmap items.

The total value for NPV is shown correctly per Swimlane. The total values for Operating Cost and Benefit are not shown per Swimlane.

The same is happening for Widgets.  NPV can be used in Widgets but Operating Cost and Benefit values remain empty in widgets.

Is there any job to run that updates these values?


The SQL Curves were disabled


Enable SQL curves

Please run the following:

admin toggle-feature TSV_AGGREGATION_FEATURE_20550 1

Restart the Clarity services afterward

Additional Information

Please see Enable or disable the SQL Curve feature toggle for additional information on the feature