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ACF2/IMS interface no messages produced for OTMA and APPC transaction violations


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ACF2 - z/OS


with the acf2/ims interface - acf2 r16 and IMS r15.2

The documentation states that the internal IMS SAF interface is used for transactions generated from APPC and OTMA sessions

When a transaction authorisation violation occurs there is no message sent to joblog/syslog as there is with the 3270 interface.

Require these messages for problem diagnosis and have always had these messages available in current installation based on the IMS exits provided with ACF2/IMS 4.2

How to produce those messages to the Joblog and the Syslog



Release : 16.0


For violations to go through the ACF2 IMS interface for the validation.
Set OTMASE=N and APPCSE=N so that only the ACF2/IMS interface will validate the resources. This should then allow for violation messages to be issued.

Have both resource for Prevalidation Exit (PREVAL) and Postvalidation Exit (POSTVAL) exits defined to perform the required processing for the IMS AUTH calls.

Add a network record for APPC and for OTMA for the ACF2/IMS network records to allow messages to be returned.

Have both the SAF and the network related calls as referenced in technical documents OTMA Security and APPC Security