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FIPS Mode with Performance Management and Spectrum


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


While reading this page ( I noticed it mentions that Performance Management is not fully FIPS compliant and I have a question about that.

One of our requirements is to have our apps be FIPS compliant, but if there are exceptions we will have to submit a request for this. Since Performance Management is not fully compliant, we cannot enable this on that application.. but we would like to enable this on Spectrum if possible.

Would a FIPS-enabled Spectrum data source integrate fine with a non-FIPS Performance Management instance? I see that non-FIPS data sources cannot be added to a FIPS-enabled Performance Management, but can it work the other way around?



Dx NetOps Performance Management 21.2.6+

Dx NetOps Spectrum 21.2.x


A FIPs compliant Spectrum should have issues integrating with a non-fips compliant CAPM


It likely just makes sure it uses higher level ciphers and probably disables the lower unsecure/obsolete ciphers for HTTPS


FIPs should not affect sync or web service calls made by device manager (DM) / OneClick)