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Enabling/Disabling SMF metric data flow in MOI 2.1 for SMF 70.1, 72.3, and 74.1 records


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


SMF record processing for SMF 70.1, 72.3, and 74.1 was enabled by default with MOI release 2.1.

 A customer may not want to process all of the SMF 70 series records due to the high volume of data. 

The steps to disable the SMF data processing are included in the Resolution section of this Knowledge Doc. 


Release : 2.1


Since the default in the MOI 2.1 release is that SMF 70.1, 72.3, and 74.1 metric procssing is enabled, here are the

Steps to disable  all SMF 70.1, 72.3, and 74.1 metric data ingestion by MOI: 

1.  Edit the following env file and change the parms listed to a value of   N  

          vi /var/opt/moi/config/etc/applianceEnv/appliance_opt.env

            ## Licensed Products


            ## Product Capabilities



2.  Remove "ZOS" from the following parameter lists: 

            ## Product Topics And Models Controlling Data Feeds And Model Files



3.  Ensure that any override .env file matches the edits performed above: 

           cp    /var/opt/moi/config/etc/applianceEnv/appliance_opt.env    /opt/moi/bin/appliance_opt.env   

4.  Execute the following script to shut down the MOI Services:     


5.  Check that all services are down with the following command

             docker ps -a

6.  If there are no services listed, execute the following script to start up MOI:


7.  In about 10 to 15 minutes all MOI services will be in a healthy status. 

8.   SMF record data flow should now be disabled.   Check the MOI UI to verify that no SMF record metrics are being received. 


NOTE:  The same steps can be used to ENABLE  SMF metric processing for the SMF 70.1, 72.3, and 74.1 metrics if they are already disabled simply by changed the N's back to Y's and ensuring the ZOS is the last parm in the MODELS and TOPIC parm lists.