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Modeling Gateway important custom fields not being exported


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DX NetOps


We have many custom attributes that are not being exported with the Modeling Gateway for the port device models.  The behavior is quite odd as sometimes the export will show the correct attributes, but other devices and port models will have the custom attributes missing from the Modeling Gateway Export.

When we check the SSdb database via CLI, we can see that these custom attributes are always populated.


What could be the reason why the Modeling Gateway is not exporting all attributes that we have specified in the .modelinggatewayresource.xml file?


Release : 21.2.x / 22.x


Inside the .modelinggatewayresource.xml file there is an option for 

PortExportAttributes export_changed_attribute_only


As mentioned inside the .modelinggatewayresource.xml file


When set to false, all interfaces/attributes are exported, otherwise will be exported only the interfaces that have some changed attributes...

<!-- When export_changed_attribute_only = "true", only the    -->
<!-- port attribute whose value is not equal to the default   -->
<!-- value will be exported.  Otherwise, all specified port   -->
<!-- attributes will be exported.                             -->


On the modelinggatewayresource.xml file suggested to change

<PortExportAttributes export_changed_attribute_only="true" >


<PortExportAttributes export_changed_attribute_only="false" >


Now all data is being exported.