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ASM Monitors - Max character length of tags within ASM Monitors


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


ASM Monitors - Max character length of Tags (under Advanced tab) within ASM Monitors. It looks like the limit is 30 characters. Can it be increased ? We have a need to add tags that have characters above 100 characters. Please let us know.

The current behavior is that when a tag of greater than 30 characters is entered and when we try to Save or "Save without testing", monitor is not saved and no error is displayed.


This came up in 2019 in 20027314/DE424729:

The DB limit is 30 characters. Even via the API you cannot create tag longer than that. The field in rule_mod allows 100 chars to enter several tags separated by comma. I've fixed the UI limit to be 30 as well.

In the future we may consider replacing tags with something else.


Release : SAAS


The maximum length of tags was increased to 256 chars. The change was added to the upcoming hotfix 2022.8.5 and later.