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JasperSoft 7.9 - Editing domains hangs


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When attempting to edit a domain from the JasperSoft UI, user just sees the “Processing….” Dialog with the spinning indicator.

The domain editor never opens and there is no error message presented as the user session times out. 


JasperSoft Server 7.9

All Supported Operating Systems


1. Disable domain validation

a.  Open the WEB-INF/applicationContext-semanticLayer.xml file in a text editor

b.  Change the following line

<property name="skipDomainDatabaseValidation" value="false"/>


<property name="skipDomainDatabaseValidation" value="true"/>

c.  Save changes and recycle the JasperSoft Tomcat service

d.  Clear web browser cache

IMPORTANT: This option has to be set carefully because it can cause side effects because domain validation will not happen if there are any mistakes in the domain

2.  JasperSoft Tomcat settings

a.  Ensure that the JasperSoft Server has more than 8GB RAM

b.  Increase the Xmx value of the Tomcat JVM settings. The minimum value recommended for JasperSoft server is Xmx=8GB

Refer to the section "Changing JVM Options for Tomcat as a Windows Service" in the following document: 

c.  After the change is made, recycle the Tomcat service on the JasperSoft server