Capacity of Autosys server
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Capacity of Autosys server


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We are going to have more SAP agents for Autosys for running SAP jobs.
I am curious what would be the maximum number of jobs that I can run in one Autosys server.
How can I measure and find out the best practice for capacity planning?

Please let me know.



Autosys 12.0


There is, in principle, no maximum number of jobs that can be defined into AutoSys.
As long as AutoSys is tuned (SCHED_SCALE and DB_CONNECTIONS) and the servers have the necessary resources (CPU, RAM, Disk space) on both the AutoSys Servers and DB Servers ... you can run as many jobs as you want.
I know of customers with 200,000 jobs defined on a single instance, running most of them daily.
But we're talking servers with 32GB RAM and at least 8 cores and SCHED_SCALE=10 and DB_CONNECTIONS=128.

This will be determined by the following
1) the type of jobs being run
2) the number of jobs being run at any given time
3) the number of agents the jobs are spread across
4) the amount of CPU, RAM and disk IO on the Autosys server and agents
5) the amount of CPU, RAM and disk IO for the back end SQL Server database

Due to all of these variables there is unfortunately no way support can provide you with data for capacity planning other than what is documented for system requirements listed below:

Client have to setup proper load testing in their environment and and gather bench marks based on their environment and business requirements.

If you are standing up a new environment I would suggest starting with the above system requirements +30% as a base for a medium installation and +50% for a Large environment.

Here is the doc regarding SCHED_SCALE and DB_CONNECTIONS:

Here is the doc containing some DB sizing estimations: