Failed to enable proxy policy quota.
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Failed to enable proxy policy quota.


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


When trying to enable the quota library on the proxy, it gets an error as if there is an existing quota policy already been applied.

#(config) policy quota
% Error(s) were detected:
Policy failed to compile.It is likely that quota policy has not been removed from VPM or other policy files, thus quota library cannot be disabled.

Even though the current proxy policy does not have any quota related policy applied.


First, the proxy current policy need to be reset and then apply back the policy from the backup file.

Before you proceed further, please make sure you have the default admin login credentials.

1. Backup all the policy under the VPM, local file, central file and forward file.

2. Reset the policy from the CLI - "#(config) policy reset".

3. Restore back the policy from the backup file.

4. Try to enable the policy quota again.


If the issue still persist, please restart the appliance.