IAM issue - no Available Roles showing for Users
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IAM issue - no Available Roles showing for Users


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Service Virtualization


Upgraded from DevTest 10.6.0 to DevTest 10.7.0.

Installed to a new folder, but connecting to the existing IAM SQL Server database.

Since the upgrade have been having issues with assigning roles to users.

The Roles all display in IAM, just cannot assign any to a user.

Also having an issue removing a Roles from a user, give an error:



* DevTest 10.7.0
* Server components running on Windows 2016 server
* External Database is SQL Server 2016
* IAM configured for LDAP


Product defect.


Existing code fix.  There were multiple changes that resolved this issue.

1) Updated version of file configure_datasource.cli.  

2) After IAM restart, under Users clicked Unlock Users pushbutton.  Then was able to see Available Roles.  Logged out of IAM and logged back in with LDAP credentials with no issues.

3) Setting the Group Settings LDAP Filter to {cn=NONEXISTINGGROUP} prevents any Group resolution.  The filter tries to map to a non existing group so it will not fetch anything when a user logs in.

To get the updated configure_datasource.cli file, open a support case and refer to defect DE548363.