How to change secured members with no visable user code in Panvalet/PVISPF
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How to change secured members with no visable user code in Panvalet/PVISPF


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How can the user code be changed for secured members that have no visable code?


Panvalet - Release : 14.6

PVISPF Release : 14.6


There are two methods where the user code for secured members can be changed. 

1. Batch Method

2. PVISPF Online Method


Batch Method:

//STEP1 EXEC PGM=PAN#1                                       
//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                                       
//SYSUDUMP DD SYSOUT=*                                       
//SYSIN DD *                                                 
++USER XXXXXXX,0,0,0                    <<<<<< Where XXXXXXX is the member name >>>>>>                      


PVISPF Online Method:

From the Panvlet main menu enter option 3.

-----------------------  CA Panvalet for z/OS ---------------- CA. -----------
 OPTION ===>
                                                             VERSION -146SP00
         1  BROWSE     - Display CA Panvalet Members
         2  EDIT            - Modify/Create CA Panvalet Members
         3  UTILITY       - CA Panvalet/ISPF Utilities (COPY,QUERY,etc.)
         4  VIEW           - Modify & Create without changing original mbr
         5  WHAT'S NEW - In CA Panvalet Version 14.6
       Enter END command to terminate CA Panvalet/ISPF.

From the Utility Menu enter option 1.

--------------------------  UTILITY SELECTION MENU  ----------------- CA. ----
 OPTION ===>
                                                              VERSION - 146SP00
             1 - CA Panvalet Member Attribute Changes
                 . Add / Change USER CODE  .  Add / Change COMMENT
                 . Change LEVEL Number   . Change STATUS
             2 - CA Panvalet Member Manipulation
                 . COPY a member, RENAME a member, DELETE a member
                 . PRINT a member (in the ISPF LIST data set)
                 . PRINT a member w/ Carriage Control ("SPINOFF")
             3 - CA Panvalet Member Language Change
             4 - CA Panvalet Member Library-To-Library Copy
             5 - CA Panvalet Member Lock/Unlock Utility
             6 - CA Panvalet User Query Utility
             7 - CA Panvalet Compare Utility
             8 - CA Panvalet Scan Utility
             9 - CA Panvalet Create Utility
             Enter END command to terminate.
 From the Changes - Entry Panel

   1.Key U to change the user ccde.

   2.Key in the Project, Group and Type

   3.Key the member 

   4.Key in 0000 for the User Cde

   5.Key in 0 for the Security Level 

   6. Press Enter


See example below:


 --------------------------  CHANGES - ENTRY PANEL  -------- Computer Associates
                                                              VERSION - 146SP00
  S - Modify the STATUS of a member       L - Modify the LEVEL of a member
  U - Add/Change a USER code                C - Modify/Add a COMMENT to a member
                                      BLANK - Display MEMBER SELECTION LIST
  Standard CA-Panvalet Library:
    PROJECT   ===> IPFRX
    GROUP     ===>  IQUAL                  CONTROL ===>
    TYPE      ===>     PANLIB                ACCESS  ===>
    MEMBER    ===> XYZ         (Wild * and ? notation, PAY?5*A)
  Non-Standard CA-Panvalet Library:
    DSNAME    ===>
    VOLSER    ===>                (If NOT Cataloged)
  Enter MODIFICATION data below:
    STATUS    ===>                         LEVEL NUMBER   ===>
    USER CODE ===> 0000           SECURITY LEVEL ===> 0    <<<< Set to 0 if the member is not to be secured
    COMMENT   ===>
    Press ENTER key to process; Enter END command to terminate.