DevTest 10.7.2 workstation not working as services not created during installation
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DevTest 10.7.2 workstation not working as services not created during installation


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Service Virtualization


Dev Test 10.7.2 version installed on local machine but getting timeout errors due to registry not up.



Release : 10.7.2


Had installed fresh on Windows 11 machine.

After install brought up Workstation and could not log in due to timeout to Registry.

The reason for the error was the DevTest 10.7.2 services were not created during install.

They were not created because the user doing the install did not have the right permissions to create services.

Tried to create a service manually, but got "Access is denied" error.


Had to start all the server components manually as a workaround. Started components in the order:


For Start Order Sequence and Ways You Can Start DevTest Server refer to this documentation link:


Next Actions - Customer:
You will have to reach out to your security team to give you access to create services, basically to be able to Run as Administrator. Once they do, run these commands from a command prompt to create the services:

sc create "DevTest Identity Access Manager" binPath= C:\CA\DevTest\IdentityAccessManager\bin\IdentityAccessManagerService.exe
sc create "DevTest Enterprise Dashboard" binPath= C:\CA\DevTest\bin\EnterpriseDashboardService.exe
sc create "DevTest Registry" binPath= C:\CA\DevTest\bin\RegistryService.exe
sc create "DevTest Broker" binPath= C:\CA\DevTest\bin\BrokerService.exe
sc create "DevTest Portal" binPath= C:\CA\DevTest\bin\PortalService.exe
sc create "DevTest Coordinator" binPath= C:\DevTest\bin\CoordinatorService.exe
sc create "DevTest Simulator" binPath= C:\CA\DevTest\bin\SimulatorService.exe
sc create "DevTest VSE" binPath= C:\CA\DevTest\bin\VirtualServiceEnvironmentService.exe