Use of "Resolve Query Groups" option during SD Job creation
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Use of "Resolve Query Groups" option during SD Job creation


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


During container configuration, the option "Resolve Query Groups" is available, what is the use of it?


Client Automation - 14.5 and above


Based on the documentation, this option is defined as:

Resolve query groups

By checking this Job specific flag, you get true dynamic evaluation of the condition for a computer group. That evaluation takes place when the Domain Manager sets up the job for execution. 
This option is not checked by default for all job linkage settings on the Job container tab.

An example may explain this better:

Having a dynamic group (with a linked query) that is used to fill the computers inside it, when a SD Job is targeted to the machines on this group, if the option is NOT selected, the package will be sent to the machine that are currently on the group, but if the option IS selected, the Domain Manager will first evaluate the query once, as a way to have a fresh list of target Agents, and then the SD Job will be sent to those machines.