FDM4.10.54.0 - Errors "java.lang.NullPointerException" and "Masked value too wide for column " when masking
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FDM4.10.54.0 - Errors "java.lang.NullPointerException" and "Masked value too wide for column " when masking


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Encountered an anomaly during regression tests on FDM version

The software no longer seems to be able to process NUMBER type fields (possibly on other type as well) with no length precision.

When attempting to mask one of these fields, FDM throws the error:

Masked value too wide for column 

And when referencing one of these fields in a WHERE clause, encountered this error:


There is no control over the databases being masked, it is almost certain that fields without length precision will have to be dealt with.

This anomaly has been encountered on several platforms (Oracle, SQL Server(Not sure for this one though), DB2).



Release : 4.10


Product defect.


This is resolved in FastDataMasker- or greater.

Additional Information

TDM Portal patches are available for download from https://support.broadcom.com/web/ecx/support-content-notification/-/external/content/release-announcements/Test-Data-Manager-TDM-Patches/16649

Will need to enter valid Broadcom Support Portal credentials to initiate the FTP download.