Job type UNIX does not match agent type
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Job type UNIX does not match agent type


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CA Workload Automation DE - Business Agents (dSeries)


We are using the Advanced Agent "Informatica" and have created an agent on the Informatica server (INF_AGENT).  This runs informatica jobs just fine.


There are times when we need to run commands or scripts on the same Informatica server, however the Advanced Agent is not allowing us.  For instance if I attempt to run a command of "ls -l > /tmp/testls.txt" I get an error of "job type UNIX does not match agent type INFORMATICA"  


We have attempted to create a 2nd agent in the Typology to point to the same endpoint, but with a different name (CLI_AGENT).  This connects and is active.  However when we attempt to run the same command using that agent, the job gets stuck in a "Ready" and does not complete.



Release : 12.0


The Unix job type needs an agent/advanced integration type of "UNIX".


The error "job type UNIX does not match agent type INFORMATICA" is an indication that you're attempting to run a job type (in this case UNIX) that is not supported by the agent/plugin endpoint that you're trying to execute it on. 





When adding the agent (of type UNIX) via Topology, the name should be the same as what's defined while installing the agent. You can find the base agent's name/alias in the agent's agentparm.txt file via the property named: agentname=<agentName given during install>


Let's suppose the agentname property was set to: agentname=CLI_AGENT


For the "agentname" property from the agentparm.txt file, find the answer to these questions: 

  • Do you have an agent in Topology named CLI_AGENT?
  • Is it of type "UNIX"? If not, then you should delete the current instance of CLI_AGENT and then re-add it with Agent/Advanced Integration type of "UNIX"
  • Is this what either the application or job is configured to run against (the CLI_AGENT agent)?


The explanation in the "Cause" section of how/why this can happen and answers to the questions above should help you find/solve the cause of this problem. 


Additional Information

When adding a plugin (like Informatica) it prompts whether you would like to create an alias. This alias distinguishes itself from the other plugins. Then, when adding an Informatica job type to an application you would select the appropriate agent endpoint created via the Topology view. The agent/endpoint in DSeries should match the alias defined while adding the specific (Informatica in this case) plugin. You can find these in the agent's agentparm.txt via properties named: communication.alias_#=<that plugin's alias>. These are different from the "agentname" alias and are used to direct jobs to the appropriate agent/plugin/endpoint/advanced integration.