Endevor types using the same output load library - Splitting them into two
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Endevor types using the same output load library - Splitting them into two


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When having two different TYPES using the same output load library, is it possible to split them into two different load libraries and still use the same element name for both of them? If so, how to do it?


It is possible to have different loadlibs for SIT and UAT stages and still use the same element name. 
Make sure that Endevor is properly configured to support elements of different types with the same name.

For this example, we will use COBOL and EZYTRIEVE types.
A good plan to split the load libraries according to the types, and still keep the same element name would be:

1) Check if system allows elements of different Types to have the same name.
If there is a ‘N’, Endevor won’t check for duplicate element names.
DUP ELEMENT NAME:     N (Y/N)                      

While the EZTRV and COBOL Type Definitions are using the same Base library, the Base is Compressed and Encrypted so there will be no problem of duplicate names.

2) With step 1, it was verified if ‘System Level Element registration’ is turned on/off.
Now check if you have Site-Wide registration turned on in the ENCOPTBL table.
In order to accomplish that, in the **.CSIQSRC(ENCOPTBL) table, search for parameter
’ and see if it is currently in use.

3) Manually create the new LOADLIBS and LISTING libraries for the SIT and UAT stages. Use the existing LOADLIB and LISTLIBs as model to create the new ones.

 At this point, both EZTRV and batch COBOL reside in the same libraries.
If you create new SIT and UAT load and listing libraries for EZTRV (Step 3 above), you will have to either -
- Manually move all the EZTRV modules and listings from the current libraries to the new libraries
(note: this will require modifying the Output Component lists)
- The Recommended method is to promote all the EZTRV modules out of the SIT and UAT stages before updating the processors. 

 Update to the EZTRV or COBOL processors.
The EZTRV and possibly the COBOL processors will have to be modified to reference the appropriate LOAD and LISTING libraries.  

 Update ACM component lists.
Right now doing a BX to browse the Output Components of EZTRV and COBOL elements in SIT or UAT, they will point to the current load library.
all EZTRV programs were
manually moved to the new load libraries - BX will still point to the old library. It is required to fix that with a Search and Replace job to update the Component Lists