Process to fetch old Job run information from DB
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Process to fetch old Job run information from DB


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CA Workload Automation AE


How do you go about finding old stale jobs or jobs that have never been run before?
We are trying to preform regular mainteance on our jobs to keep them clean and need to know how to find this information.




Autosys 12.x 11.x


Out-of-the-box Autosys is designed to only keep the last 7 days of job information in the database.
This is controlled by your configuration in the $AUTOSUSER\config.$AUTOSRV file

So unless you have changed your configuration to hold more data the information from 2 years ago will not be in the database.

When you run the dbmaint we archive some of the data to the $AUTOUSER/archive but this is NOT the full detail.

If you have some automated process to clean this directory up as well there will be no place else this information will be.