CAC /PIV Authentication failing after Top Secret Maintenance
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CAC /PIV Authentication failing after Top Secret Maintenance


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Top Secret


After applying TSS Maintenance customers are unable to authenticate using a CAC/PIV.



Release : 16.0


If  RMID of LU05572 is not on  then an SMP apply problem occurred with this PTF.   

If the RMID does show as LU05572 then either the PTFs were activated dynamically without the correct TSS REFRESH commands having been issued or there is a system Linklist problem.

First check the linklist and make sure there are no load libraries with load module SAFRTRLD in it above the Top Secret current CAKOLINK library. 

If the linklist checks out OK, then perhaps a dynamic activation was done without the correct REFRESH commands.   
Isue Command-

F TSS,REFRESH(SAFAL) and see if it clears the problem.