XCOM iSeries Txpi errors 303 (return 72) and 304 (return 73)
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XCOM iSeries Txpi errors 303 (return 72) and 304 (return 73)


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XCOM SSL transfers failing on iSeries when several submitted simultaneously to another iSeries machine.
The problem occurs when multiple transfers are initiated simultaneously e.g. > 10. 
If submit a small number of transfers they are successful.

Sending machine job log shows error:
Txpi  303: SSL Socket send error return value = 72
Receiving machine job log shows error:
Txpi  304: SSL Socket receive error return value = 73


Release : 11.0


On receiving machine the XCOM TCP/IP listener (in this using 8044 as a secure port) has been started with:

Engineering advise having the MAXCLIENTS to the maximum number of concurrent transfers that need to be run and then set MAXBACKLOG to MAXCLIENTS + 3. So the latter criteria is satisfied.
However when starting the listener, the value of the "TCP/IP send check frequency" parameter SENDCHKFRQ had been set to 0 when normally it is set to the default value of 50. Support advised to restart the listener using a SENDCHKFRQ value of 50 to resolve the problem.

Additional Information

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XCOM™ Data Transport® for AS/400 11.0 > Using > Processing Options > Remote TCP/IP Transfers