MOI ADE Machine Learning dump creation
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MOI ADE Machine Learning dump creation


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


MOI is validating a new machine learning algorithm, ADE.

If diagnostic information is needed for ADE, a utility script has been developed and is attached to this Knowledge Document.   

Instructions on running the script is included in the Resolution section of this KD. 


Release : 2.1    ADE


The Machine Learning may ask for additional ADE diagnostic information.   Please follow the process below to obtain a ADE dump file.  

1)  Download the script to your MOI ADE installed appliance in the /tmp directory.

2) Run the command:      sh

3) This script may take several minutes to complete.

4)  The following file should be created when the script completes:     ade_dump.tar.gz 

5)  Either open a new Support Case to upload the ade_dump.tar.gz file or attach it to an existing Support Case. 



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