OTK 4.5.1 Port Configuration Error - oauth manager config
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OTK 4.5.1 Port Configuration Error - oauth manager config


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I installed the OTK on a gateway 10.1 and changed the CWP to set otk.port to 8444.

This page (to obtain a token) https://<gatewayHostName>:8444/oauth/v2/client/authcode is well displayed. However, when I select the "Initiate" button, it redirects to: https://<gatewayHostName>:8443/auth/oauth/v2/authorize?response_type=code

When I inspect the policy of oauth/v2/client/authcode, it seems that the Encass "OTK Client Context Variable" sets the port of 8443 and ignores the CWP setting (see screenshot / location_oauth_manager, ...). 

Is this a bug or a configuration issue?

Where should I put the right configuration so that the port 8444 is taken into account across the board.




Release : 10.1


1) in OTK 4.5 the following documentation explains what need to be done to customize the Port 8443 for OTK


you will need to use "#OTK Authorization " and all the #OTK policies which use the port 8443 to change it by 8444 as needed. This is By design


2) For OTK 4.6 version the code changed. We need to modify the documentation to explain clearly the hardcoded port is not present on that assertion "oauth manager config"

in 4.5.1 the documentation says "This policy contains three references to the default 8443 port"
In 4.6 version , 
OTK Authorization Server Configuration
This policy contains two references to the default 8443 port. However,   there is not hardcoded ports on the oauth manager config policy for OTK version 4.6