New CASB capabilities in DLP Cloud: Cloud Managed DLP and MS Teams API Integration
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New CASB capabilities in DLP Cloud: Cloud Managed DLP and MS Teams API Integration


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We are excited to announce we have launched two new features for DLP Cloud.

  • Cloud Managed DLP (for Cloud SWG and Email)
  • API integration for MS Teams


These features will also be available for eligible CloudSOC CASB customers who have access to CASB for SaaS, CASB Gateway, Cloud Detection Service for Cloud SWG and Email.

Release Highlights

  • Apply Cloud Managed DLP policies beyond CASB, now they can be used for Cloud SWG and Email (incl. Email traffic
  • Scan users’ web activity and emails for sensitive content to protect data exfiltration/loss
  • Take advantage of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Described Content Matching (DCM) detection functionality for the CASB, Cloud SWG and Email


Why manage DLP in the Cloud?
Bringing CASB, Cloud SWG and Email together under a single console brings efficiency, and embedding cloud DLP policy management and incidents in a common console. This makes it easier to understand who is doing what with your sensitive information, so you can implement tighter controls when and where needed. This tighter integration of components also allows for better cross-team cooperation.

Like many security systems, DLP solutions can be resource intensive requiring significant infrastructure and personnel to maintain that infrastructure. With a cloud native DLP capability:

  • The solution is easier to deploy
  • System upgrades are simpler as they require fewer resources
  • New features and content are delivered faster
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced


Phased Launch - Products/Features



Available now (April 2022)

Cloud SWG and Email

Available now (September 2022)

EDM detection functionality

Coming soon (December 2022)


MS Teams API Integration

We now support content inspection in Microsoft Teams via the Symantec O365 Securlet. MS Teams is a powerful communication tool, the flip side of this is it presents increased risk of data loss. Users may unwittingly be exchanging sensitive or regulated data (e.g. PII, confidential information etc) via messages and chat.


Using the MS Teams API, you can now scan messages posted in Microsoft Teams and apply appropriate remediation actions to protect from data loss/exfiltration. In addition, you can define DLP Enforce policies for MS Teams chat and channels based on the presence of external participants.


Remediation supported for MS Teams messages are:

  • Notifying the sender/admin
  • Blocking the sensitive content from the recipient
  • Showing the recipient a customized tombstone message