Phone call/text message for job alerts
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Phone call/text message for job alerts


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Autosys Workload Automation


One of our customers that utilizes SAP wanted to know if there was a way to receive a phone call or text message from AutoSys to alert them of a failed job. 
Is there a plugin or additional software that we could purchase for this feature?

We currently use ServiceNow and Jira, so if that feature is integrated with either of those two ticketing systems, that'd be awesome.


Autosys 11.x 12.x


I am sorry we do not currently have an integration out of the box for ServiceNow or for Jira for sending job failure notifications.
Please do open an enhancement request for this on our idea wall

Depending on your phone provided most can route emails as text notification so you could set up your job notification on failure to send to an email address that is routed to a text interface.
You would need to check with your email / phone provided on this ability.
you can send email notification to a [email protected]

You might also be able to send an email notification to ServiceNow and have it take action on that incoming email.
You will need to check with your ServiceNow admin on this possibility.