RC=1708-0002 while Explorer trying to access Endevor
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RC=1708-0002 while Explorer trying to access Endevor


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 When trying to access Endevor via Explorer, the error below has been received which is causing it to fail. 

03:39:39  C1E0116E  RC=1708-0002 ALLOCATION ERROR  - ENDV.RDB.STAG.MCF. 

Even though it is not the goal to fetch the details from this environment, Explorer is trying to look for datasets from other environments which are not accessible on this system.

It is possible to fetch the desired information via ispf terminal, but not from Explorer.


The way Explorer is built, it 'explores' Endevor looking for inventory locations defined to the data source it is using. It will try to access all environments in C1DEFLTS, meaning all MCF's must exist on the system. 

This is not the case for other Endevor interfaces like ISPF (which will access the MCF's only when it needs to reach stuff in the stage serviced by the MCF).

So in order to fix this issue, either:
- have the missing MCF created,
- delete it from C1DEFLTS if this specific environment is no longer used.