Configuring RICT grids without Views - Administer right breaks view
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Configuring RICT grids without Views - Administer right breaks view


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In the Modern UX (MUX) Status module canvas, when configuring a shared and default view with RICT grid without the "Views - Administer" right, the current view gets changed to an unsaved view "(Copy) View".
From this point, it is not possible to save or change the current view to a different one.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log in with a user "Views - Administer" right.
  2. In the MUX Status module, open a status report.
  3. Create two different views (e.g.: View1, View2). View2 should have "Risks" grid in the canvas.
  4. Manage them so that they are both Shared and Default.
  5. Log out.
  6. Log in with a user without "Views - Administer" right.
  7. Open the same status report, and open View2.
  8. Click on the Risks configure button. Add or remove any column.
  9. The current view name will change to "(Copy) View2" [in italics] as an unsaved view.

Expected results: The new view can be saved. Also, changing to any other view will refresh the page.

Actual results: The new view cannot be saved (ODF-0948: Default view cannot be modified or deleted) error is displayed. Trying to change to any other view will not refresh the page (it is not possible to change the current view).


Release : 16.0.3




This issue has been fixed in Clarity 16.1.0 patch #1+



  1. Log into Clarity by using an administrator account and temporarily add the access right "Views - Administer" to the user with the problem.
  2. Log into Clarity MUX by using the user with the problem and save the view shown in italics, e.g.: "(Copy) View2".
  3. Check if changes on the shared views are displayed as expected. The new view may be deleted.
  4. Delete the added access right from the user.

To prevent this issue from appearing:

  • Option 1. Do not set the shared view as default.
  • Option 2. When using a shared and default view without "Views - Administer" right, save the view as a personal view ("Created by me" and configure this one. If the user without the right accidentally changes the shared and default view, the solution is to proceed with the workaround, so Option 1 should be preferred.

Additional Information

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