RiskFabric Processing job immediately fails
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RiskFabric Processing job immediately fails


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Information Centric Analytics


The RiskFabric Processing job fails almost immediately after starting and logs the following error in the SQL Server Agent job history:

Previous Nightly job Staging is still running [SQLSTATE 42000](Error 50000). The step failed.

The failing job step is Check for Upgrade or previous nightly jobs running.


Release : 6.x


The previous nightly job has not completed, or the RiskFabric Intraday Processing job is running. This can be due to the job hanging or running longer than expected. Refer to the following KB articles to investigate potential causes of the job hanging or running longer than expected:

Note that an under-resourced ICA deployment (relative to the volume of incidents processed) will perform slowly and may be susceptible to environmental issues that degrade or interrupt processing. Environmental factors can include but are not limited to any of the following:

  • Host OS instability
  • Multiple databases running on the same server as the RiskFabric database, regardless of their distribution across SQL Server instances (i.e., running in the default or named instances)
  • Resource contention (e.g., disk I/O, memory consumption, etc.)
  • Network bandwidth between the SQL Server host and data sources, or between SQL Server and the SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) host


Refer to the following KB articles for guidance on investigating and improving processing performance:

For ICA's resource and topology requirements and recommendations, refer to the following sections of the Symantec Information Centric Analytics Administrator Guide: